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the interdisciplinary forum for work on rope

Next date: 15. and 16. August 2024. See you there!


vertical-connect connects, explains, looks closer, asks questions, identifies answers, invites to think deeper, offers an opportunity to discuss issues and to get to know each other better, an many other things...

vertical-connect has been taking place since 2015 and addresses all people , who have to do with some form of work on rope – or are simply interested.

vertical-connect – get connected!


vertical-connect is organised by a group of people involved in various disciplines, in which work is performed on rope. All of them had an interest in gaining a better understanding of how work is done in other areas, which problems these professions are confronted with and how they are solved.


The other wish was, by creating  a communication platform, to create synergies between the various disciplines – to discover common ground and to share solutions, all in line with the motto of the event:


"vertical-connect – get connected!"

How did vertical-connect come to be?

Edition 2024

After a one-year break, we are starting up again in 2024 with new energy and ideas.


The overarching theme will be "Solutions". The many different areas in which work is carried out on the rope pose a wide variety of challenges and require a wide variety of solutions. We want to dedicate this year's edition of the VC to the search for solutions. From creative solutions for specific case studies or in dealing with standards and regulations, to technical issues and solutions from the various disciplines of working at height, to the development of processes that can help in the decision-making process for solutions. We are looking forward to the "Solutions" programme of the upcoming vertical connects.


We are also looking forward to our audience, to lively discussions and interaction as well as to the exhibitors and manufacturers who will be presenting their new products and solutions. 


Finally, we are very much looking forward to welcoming our friends and guests and being able to say "Let's get connected!" again next August in Meiringen.


Program 2024

Past Events

Past events

Impressions of vertical-connect 2017
Video by Vito Cordasco




Early bird (until 31. July 2024):

One-day pass CHF 100.00 or

Combipass (both days) CHF 180.00


Regular (from 1. August 2024)

One-day pass CHF 120.00 oder

Combipass (both days) CHF 200.00

Days which I intend to attend

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How to get there

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